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Gaea the Goddess 5 (WG) Final
"So who are you, really?"
The chubby ninja pouted as she sat there in the center of Gaea's room, her arms strapped behind her back and her legs held together by several constricting vines. Her pudgy belly, round and fluffy like a bowlful of pudding, splayed itself over her lap. The goddess tapped her on the head with one finger.
"Are you hiding a cyanide pill in there? Come on, open up!"
"W-What? Of course I'm not! I wouldn't let myself die! I wouldn't normally get caught in the first place!" snapped the ninja, and then she frowned, "It's just...I..."
"You didn't expect we'd cut open your girdle, huh?" Gaea replied, raising an eyebrow.
The ninja sighed. "No...and I'd been trying so hard to hide it too..."
Tabitha stepped forward to speak. "I know her. She's from the same guild as me."
"Tabitha, you can't go and spill a ninja's secrets! It's against the code! I'll be beheaded when I return home!"
"You're not a ninja! Last time I saw you a few years back, you were one of my fan-girls!" T
:iconborin23:Borin23 39 13
Gaea The Goddess (WG) 4
"You wanted to see me, Gaea?"
Wu stood off to her right as Tabitha waddled into the room, pulling back the curtain of shells, beads and sea glass so that the former warrior may enter. The dark, bark-colored walls wrapped around this circular room, and it surely had been a spacious room at one point, but with piles upon disorganized piles of empty food containers, boxes and jars filled with miscellaneous items, keepsakes and mementos collected from around the world, a few old sheets and clothes, and a skeleton taking up said space, it felt just a tiny bit on the cramped side of things. For a big girl like Tabitha, it was a poor setting to be stuck in. Gaea was slouched in a chair constructed from the interweaving stems of several enormous sunflowers. She seemed only half-awake, lazily munching on handfuls of roasted seeds and nuts while staring straight ahead at nothing. Maybe she was in some sort of trance, or she was simply feeling gloomy. When Wu announced Tabitha's presence, Gaea su
:iconborin23:Borin23 36 6
Gaea The Goddess (WG) 3
"Eat up! Eat up! Our bounty of ingredients is effectively limitless as long as I am here, so please, eat as much as you can to your heart's content!"
Although Gaea was being so insistent on them all sitting down and sharing a meal together, Tabitha was still unsure about taking her seat. Even as she stood at the foot of the table with her eyes glued to the beautiful spread of edibles in front of her. Morgana had already accepted Gaea's offer, an act which already stunned Tabitha when making consideration of the other woman's 'difficult' personality, but she had already loosened some of the wrappings tied across her waist so that she could fit the maximum amount of food possible. Tsara and Yangdra had no such restrictions, and they were already far along into their meals, with bellies stuffed drum-tight and piles of dishes like towers rising high above them.
The kitchen door was in constant motion, the girl with the monkey's tail carrying out new dishes for the girls to rip apart at a p
:iconborin23:Borin23 55 8
Gaea The Goddess (WG) 2
Tabitha opened her eyes, but everything appeared dark and muddled. She was almost completely submerged in darkness. A lone thought drifted aimlessly through her empty skull, and it asked whether or not she was really still alive. As her vision gradually returned and her senses stirred awake, she tried to take a gulp of air. At least that would be a sign to her that she was still in her mortal body. Instead of receiving oxygen, however, her lungs were filled with a thick, partially sweet liquid, like the air had been replaced with syrup while she'd slept. Tabitha started to cough and sputter, but more of the syrup started to fill her throat, even going into her nose and ears. She couldn't even manage a strangled cry. Outstretching her hands in front of her, Tabitha discovered she could touch some kind of soft wall; she was inside of a container. In desperation, the overweight warrior started to bang her fists against the wall. The syrup was flowing all over her body, inside of her it mo
:iconborin23:Borin23 41 11
Letting It All Go (Frozen WG)
Note: Not a sequel to 'Big Sisters'.
Extra 'Big Hero 6' WG short featured at end. EDIT: For those not aware yet, that WG short is now being written as a full story.
Several years of self-induced seclusion, going through the remainder of her childhood and a large part of her teenage years, had not been the easiest on Elsa, but she never tried to change it, out of love for her sister and the fear of hurting her as she had done long ago. To remain within the walls of her tiny, if not well-furnished, room became excessively boring when you possessed so many toys yet without anyone to play with, or a window surveying a backyard that you couldn't go outside and run around in. Anna knocked on her door, she even tried singing to her, but like with everything outside, Elsa continued to shut her out too.
She tried to keep herself entertained by reading books, and that helped for a time, but as she grew older, she became friends with one of t
:iconborin23:Borin23 221 83
Big, Big Korra
(Legend of Korra/Commission)
Korra released the heaviest, most frustrated groan that she could muster, her solemn eyes wanting, yet unwilling all the same, to tear themselves away from the sight she saw reflecting back at her. She was standing in one of the numerous bedrooms scattered throughout Asami's family's home, using the full-body mirror to inspect the damage that several months of peace had done to her body.
She typically shared the same bedroom with Asami whenever they were staying here. They were girlfriend and girlfriend, after all. However, as of late, the Avatar had deigned to keeping herself to another bedroom, a private one, during those times in the day where she changed her clothes or got dressed after taking her shower. She used the excuse of wanting to do it for Asami's privacy, but honestly, that was the flimsiest excuse she could ever come up with and Korra was amazed that Asami hadn't called her out for it yet. Unfortunately, the real reason that Korra wan
:iconborin23:Borin23 181 16
Growing Into Motherhood
(Final Fantasy Tactics/Commission)
The War of the Lions had lasted far longer than it should have, taking more lives than it ever should have, but now it was finally over with. In the first three months alone, a time period that felt more like three years, over 80,000 people had died in battle and 100,000 more had been forced from their homes by such further calamities like flooding and drought. The horrors of those days were practically unspeakable. The land of Ivalice had been so thoroughly ravaged by the brutality of both the Fifty Year War and the Lion War, it seemed as if it was near the end of its days, like an apocalypse had been thrust upon the land's residents. However, that war DID eventually end, and with it, Delita was crowned as the new king of the land with Ovelia as his queen. There would surely be some day when Ivalice returned back to its former glory, but the time it would take until that status was achieved would surely be years, probably more than several generat
:iconborin23:Borin23 80 7
Lusamine's Excessive Lunch
Lusamine walked toward her office with a glass of water in her hand, but she barely had much time to think about her thirst or really anything else that could possibly could to mind at the time. She had been working since she had woken up in the early morning with all sorts of important business. There were employees to oversee, the transfer and care of Pokemon to ensure, and there were many other projects that the Aether Foundation was putting together that required her personal oversight to ensure they were going as properly as intended. Lusamine had already contacted both Wicke and Faba regarding one of their newest projects, but they were both rather busy outside of the lab. However, they had informed her that they had left the current results of the ongoing experiment in the lab itself. Lusamine was, of course, completely free to go in and out of there as she pleased, given that she was their boss, so she decided to inspect it for herself. She might not have b
:iconborin23:Borin23 138 10
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